.Kimberly Ann. (uncried_tears) wrote in phsband,
.Kimberly Ann.


Congratulations everyone...maybe we didn't get the gold medal we were hoping for, but we still did a DAMN fine job. It shouldn't really matter which medal we got: we tied for second place with Biddeford, and South Portland got the only gold. And considering this is our second real year of competing? We should all be EXTREMELY proud of ourselves, of our drum major, and the staff. And you know what else? The colorguard are NOT to blame for us getting a silver and not a gold. They improved a lot from last year and they should be commended for that: just one of those nine girls set her flag in the wrong spot. Shit happens. And did anyone think that a four in visual would have helped us, too? That if people actually came to all of the rehearsals and stayed the full length and genuinely cared, we would all know our spots better and display good technique? Some people did, but some of us are too fucking ignorant and just want to blame everyone else. If you blame the colorguard, shame on you. Everyone else, underclassmen, I wish you the BEST of luck in next year's season, WE LOVE YOU!!! God I'll miss it... =(
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