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Thank you everyone. Times a million <3

Eight years of band comes full circle.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like I've been doing it since fifth grade. Other times it seems like I've been doing it for twenty years and I just want it to end. The whole thing is weird, though. Of course I'm going to miss it.

For the small percentage of band kids who do read this, thanks for voting for me with the Jani Smith award and all. I was surprised to get it and .. well, just thanks.

Also, thank you to everyone who hugged me, smiled at me, threw encouraging words my way, or anything really. It's so weird to think about where I am right now versus the beginning of the year. I wish I had another year to be with everyone, especially the freshmen and sophomores -- I've had the smallest amount of time with you. Sometimes it seems like I find someone knew every day to make some sort of stupid connection with, and that is surprising and very welcome in my life. Let's not lie to ourselves here -- I'm not the greatest person to get along with sometimes. There are a few people in band who I haven't gotten along with or have had something against for one reason or another. Regardless, I will miss you just as much as I will miss all of the close and best friends I have in band.

It's been an interesting four years. Tiring, frustrating, happy and wonderful. It amazes me that so many people have stuck with me for so long, especially knowing the moods I fall into or the rages I typically go off on. Thank you. So much.

But don't worry. I'm not gone yet. We've still got a couple of parades and graduation to endure. That, and if everything works out the way I want it to, perhaps I'll be sticking around as more than a former-student volunteer next year. Ha.

In any case, thank you

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