.Kimberly Ann. (uncried_tears) wrote in phsband,
.Kimberly Ann.

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.Yay Sucking.

Okay...so, how many people are already embarassed about how much we're gonna suck at our home competition? We have 13 hours total worth of rehearsal time, and you've gotta figure that roughly half of that is just us warming up and playing the triad for hours on end, and all we have memorized is half of ONE song. And we haven't even STARTED our drill. Umm...shit? I'm scared, guys.
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Agreed. It's going to suck large amounts of ass, and I don't see us ever getting gold...not that I ever did...hahaha.
I also agree. I'm constantly worried. But Mr. Gagnon seems to think everything will be fine.

Sometimes I wonder.. -_-;
He is too optimistic.
By a lot.